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i have a sick hen.
Symptoms: heavy breathing, lethargic, disoriented and uncoordinated, but not making any noises. Comb is red, eyes clear.
i have no idea what it is or what i should do. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I am afraid to comment since I could be wrong. Best to consult with a vet, and at the very least separate the animal from the rest of the flock. Hope she is ok.

good luck,
Isolation is best. Most likely you will want to supplement her food intake. Chick starter fortified and some types contain antibiotics. Keep her warm and watered.
It can be difficult to find a vet that will see a chicken. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at UT will see chickens. Dr. Jones or Dr. Greenacre will check out the bird without a refferal.

I've found these forums helpful for chicken health issues.

and here is a helpful article
thanks much. we went to the ut teaching hospital and they were very helpful.
She had heat stroke and a mildly sprained leg that kept her from getting to her water.
thanks again.
Great! I'm so glad she will be ok. I remembered last night that there were some extension publications available that are also helpful to let you know if you need a vet.

North Carolina State University.
Poultry illness flow chart

University of Florida IFAS Extension
Common Poultry Diseases

Poultry Diseases & Medications For Small Flocks
University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service

Management Guide for the Small Flock.
University of Georgia
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

I'll put these resources over here at Sources for Chicken information too

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